Woman Wins $1 Million Prize

Woman Wins $1 Million Prize

The weekly scratch-off ritual of a woman from North Carolina eventually paid off greatly.

According to a Tuesday press statement from the NC Education Lottery, Sabrina Bottoms, a warehouse worker from Conway, purchased the winning $1 million ticket on Sunday night .

Bottoms told the lottery organizers, "I couldn't believe I won. Every week, I fill up and receive one ticket.

Bottom paid a total of $10 for the ticket, which supports educational programs for youngsters in North Carolina.

She scratched her ticket in the car and quickly called her cousin, according to the lottery. She added, "I had to get someone else to check the ticket."

The woman didn't let the winning ticket leave her sight after receiving confirmation of her good news.

According to the statement, she claimed, "The ticket went everywhere I went." Even to the restroom and bed.

Bottoms had the option of accepting $50,000 instalments over the following 20 years, but on Monday she decided to take her prize in the single amount of $600,000.

She plans to use the money to purchase her "dream home." After taxes, Bottoms received $426,063 in compensation.