PINK FLOYD superstar Roger Waters has cancelled future shows in Poland due to backlash over statements he made about Vladimir Putin's conflict.

The 79-year-old artist has already appeared to blame Ukraine for the death of its own people and to criticise Western assistance.

The Tauron Arena in Krakow, where Waters was due to play two concerts in April, has announced that they would no longer take place.

Waters wrote a letter to Ukraine's first lady, Olena Zelenska, earlier this month, asserting that "radical nationalists" in her country had placed it on a "road to this dreadful conflict" and blasting "Washington DC" for becoming involved.

Officials in Krakow were expected to vote next week on whether the artist should be declared "persona non grata" in light of his statements on Vladimir Putin's invasion.

In 2019, he slammed a Live Relief-style humanitarian aid event in Venezuela, stating it was a US-backed ploy to smear the socialist government.

He also chastised the West for providing Ukraine with weaponry, specifically accusing Washington. Waters has also criticised NATO, accusing it of inciting Russia.