The Kindle Scribe, a new E Ink Kindle from Amazon, aims to be the first writing-friendly e-reader.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Unlike Amazon's other E Ink Kindles, the Scribe is intended to be used as a tablet for a wider range of purposes.

Whereas those aimed to replace conventional paper books, the Scribe has a bigger objective: it wants to completely replace paper.

Even in direct sunlight, the Kindle Scribe is ideal for reading and writing, according to Amazon.

It is simple to change the font size and margin width for more comfortable reading on the large display, which also provides space for taking notes and keeping a journal.

"Using Kindle Scribe is similar to writing on paper. The Kindle Scribe's surface is crafted for the best reading and writing experience, from the pen's natural grip in your hand to the sound you hear when you write.

According to Amazon, users will be able to annotate books, add notes to pdf files, and add notes to their own documents.

However, one essential feature is missing: Scribe owners won't be able to directly write on ebooks purchased from Kindle publishers.