On Thursday, the Cincinnati Bengals host the Miami Dolphins in their first home game in prime time of the year. 

Miami Dolphins  Vs Cincinnati Bengals -NFL

Miami Dolphins  Vs Cincinnati Bengals -NFL

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Additionally, it's the first game they'll play in while sporting their "White Bengal" alternate uniform and helmet.

The Bengals unveiled their first alternate helmets in team history in July when they first unveiled the new helmets with the white and black tiger stripes.

Since then, the team's social media accounts have raised interest in the official unveiling.

Prior to the game on Thursday, the Bengals posted a video on Monday that appeared to show a new white paint job at Paycor Stadium.

They then released a hype video for the upcoming game on Tuesday as a result of that.

A 8:15 p.m. game between the Bengals and Dolphins is scheduled. Paycor Stadium kickoff at ET on Amazon Prime. 

Bengals release a teaser video for their matchup with the Miami Dolphins in white helmets.